Nothing stops your kids from growing!


Kids grow from one size to the next in a flash, so buying lots of clothes for them becomes essential. What is right for a newborn when it comes to clothing is not necessarily right for a toddler— all the beautiful clothes that they can wear before they start moving are quickly replaced by more practical basics that can weather the countless spills and stains that come with his discovery of anything and everything messy. What is important throughout though is that the best kids clothes are comfortable and soft to touch.


Bodysuits and onesies are the way to go for newborns. You should be ready to change them frequently in those early days, so stock up.


Buying nice outfits for a baby can seem frivolous because they grow so quickly but it is fun to take advantage of this period while you can still dress them how you want.


Stick to the basics and let your little one explore without the fear of ruining nice clothes.


Kids will likely take dressing into their own hands at this age - let them embrace it.



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