KAIR is the leading brand of children’s clothing with focus on innovation, quality and design. The brand 'KAIR' identifies with motherly instinct and we are well-known globally for children’s wear and essential products for guardian mothers and mothers-to-be that are made available through stores and online channel.


The brand began its operations in 1998 with focus on kids wear. We subsequently stepped into infant wear, children’s wear in 2004. With a steady growth in popularity and business, we started our first exclusive retail store in Bahrain in 2010. We are today a popular brand going strong in India and Middle East on our way leading to robust growth and encompassing business.


The KAIR concept is perceived, recognized and trusted globally as having the highest standard of quality for value pricing. When we have a closer look at the age group 0-12 years, that is the age where kids are rendered the protective love of mother. We offer our clothing in various sections as New born (0 – 1 year) (Boy/girl/unisex), Infant (1 – 3 year), Toddler (3 – 5 year) and Kids (5 – 12 year group).


KAIR as a brand has a compelling personality. It has an expression of quality and comfort; it evokes the motherly instinct and an essence of safety. A brand that would stand for stability, control and longevity. With pursuit of excellence, transparency and integrity in all our transactions and continuously transforming ourselves by innovating and optimizing our process we believe we become more valued with every passing day.


In 1998, Mr. Ismayael Rawther embarked on a journey of apparel manufacturing and retailing and a company was born with the simple, yet fundamental, objective of delivering affordable premium fashion. Around that time the best available clothing solutions had a definite scope to improve upon. KAIR evolved out of thorough thought force and impeccable execution. Soon followed veneration among mothers-to-be and parents for KAIR globally. We today boast of a global presence for store-based shopping and an online store.


We articulate our vision in measurable achievements and our contributions to the industry that we operate. By ensuring that – we invest in quality personnel, delivering unmatched customer services, pursuing sustainable interest of nature in our operations, and promoting affordability and efficiency in the industry we would constantly endeavor to raise the bar and become most respected in textile manufacture and retailing industry.


Brand ‘KAIR’ rests tenderly under the robust umbrella of Fine Fair Group. A group that steadily evolved from standalone garment manufacturing company to a conglomerate of Retail business. Seamless integration of ‘raw material to retail’ pipeline and pursuit of efficient and innovative process is constantly boosting the group. Read more about Fine Fair Group at https://finefairgroup.com/


KAIR promptly acknowledges the fact that we have responsibilities beyond our own business. At local level, our efforts are focused on building ‘Skills to Succeed’, which enables us to take the same world-class skills that benefit our clients, and apply them to communities that need them the most. We want to constantly create value, wealth and jobs. 

For us the first step towards corporate social responsibility is creating a balance with our ecology and treating each other with dignity. Here are the focal points in our CSR initiatives:


All our products are harmonized with nature. Garments are made out of the finest fabric and consume colorfast and eco-fast dyes. We keep the toxic content of end product to minimal possible extent. While ensuring all this you are never deprived of color variety for the mordant that we employ for dyeing.


Sustainability is not optional but a business imperative. KAIR has always adhered to the sustainable approach to business and has conducted business in a sustainable manner. We look at sustainable practices as an opportunity to apply our core strengths for social good and innovate to create winning solutions. Even the simplest of things such as paper bags for shopping, wooden hangers that are completely biodegradable as well as water-based inks, are given tremendous importance by people working at or with KAIR. Packaging options are also depictive of the corporate social responsibility measures that the company is willing to ingrain in the most miniscule of its business aspects. 


We know that we cannot prepare any business — our clients’ or our own — for the future of work without also considering the future of our society and our planet. It is our responsibility to apply our collective knowledge, talent and energies to the challenges we all face in our workplace, our communities and our environment. KAIR pursues social advocacy and collaborates with numerous social initiatives. Fosterage of society is our most valued activity. KAIR takes pride in having associated with Jeevan Raksha Samithi, Indira Gandhi hospital (Lakshadweep), Rajeev Gandhi Cooperative Hospital (Koothattukulam), Sheikh Humaid Bin Rasheed Al Nouimi Foundation (Ajman) besides caring for the society through Kair2Care (CSR UNIT AT FINE FAIR GROUP)


At ‘KAIR’, we believe that our most valuable asset is our staff and they are strategic to our long-term success. We are not the first to have this idea but took to it and shaped it in our own way. We work in cross-functional teams, believing strongly in supporting each other and sharing ideas. We are a fast-growing organization but also strives hard to maintain the virtues of a small organization. We provide individual attention to each and every one of our employees and support their development. 

Working for KAIR (and ‘Fine Fair Group’ affiliates), you can be sure you will always be visible, and you will always create an impact because your opinion will count. At ‘Fine Fair’ excellence is a way of life and this depends on our ability to attract, retain and motivate the best available talent.
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