Behind the scenes of Kair Fashion Production & Manufacturing


Kair Fashion Production

Kair Fashion operates most of its manufacturing business from its Indian facilities for developing fabrics and garments. The uniqueness of its manufacturing facilities is that they are not chemical warehouses. We conduct over 50 lab tests at our facilities. Organic fabric with minimalistic usage of chemicals for beautification is the core differentiation of these facilities from others.

kair Fashion Production 2

This is our garment production processes:

  1. Techpacks are received: A tech pack is a document containing all the technical information about your product. It's an essential document for both designers and production teams when producing new collections, as it helps clearly communicate every little detail about what you are making, to your manufacturer.
  2. Fabrics are purchase and inspected based on our strict Quality Assurance GuideKair Fashion Production 3
  3. Prepare the size set sample: The main purpose of size set sample is to check the factory's capability to make the sample in all sizes.
  4. Prepare the pre-production sample- The Pre-Production Sample (PPS) or Pre-Pro is a sample of the products that occur before manufacturing starts. The Pre pro sample helps buyers look over the design, including stitching, labeling, or any other manufacturing processes that need to be confirmed before large-scale production begins.Kair Fashion production 3
  5. Bulk cutting of the fabrics bought.
  6. Auditing of the Cut Panel
  7. Pilot Run Sample: Purpose of pilot run is to check production techniques and quality requirement. Pilot run pieces are thoroughly checked by factory quality department at every stage of production.
  8. Bulk Production of our products 
  9. Endline Checking of the finished product.
  10. Garment Washing of the products in bulk
  11. Checking of the washed products 
  12. Ironing of the products
  13. Final Checking of the products
  14. Packing of the products
  15. Prefinal Inspection
  16. Carton Auditing
  17. Final Inspection
  18. Dispatching of the products to stores and online customers

    With transparency and belonging embedded in our culture, we at Kair Fashion can claim that we are a mutually trustful entity open to any idea that encourages “quality”.

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